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Line Dancing – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 9:00

Ultra/Beg Line Dancing – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 10:15

Couples Dance Lessons – Tuesday afternoon at 1:45

Karaoke – Tuesday afternoon at 3:00

Woodcarvers – Tuesday afternoon at 5:30 & Thursday afternoon at 1:00

Dances – 3rd Wednesday of each month (held at the moose lodge)

Jewelry Class – 1st Tuesday of each month


We have many games we play on a regular basis:

Bingo – Wednesday afternoon at 12:30  (must have game cards purchased prior to 12:30 start time)

Bunco – Friday afternoon at 1:00

Cribbage – Wednesday mornings at 9:00

Pinochle – Monday & Friday afternoon at 12:30

Pool – Monday ~ Friday mornings at 8:00


We serve meals on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at Noon.

Tuesdays are a lite lunch for $5 – members $6 – non members includes music and dancing

Wednesdays are a simple lunch for $4 with Bingo to follow if you wish

Thursdays are a full meal for $6 – members $7 – non members includes music and dancing


Please feel free to donate to the Longview Senior Center, we appreciate every penny given. All donations stay in house and are used to help our community.

Cash/Check  donations – can be made in person at: 1111 Commerce Ave Longview WA 98632

Check donations can be mailed to:

Longview Senior Center
1111 Commerce Ave
Longview, WA 98632

Or you can donate through PAYPAL at paypal.me/LongviewSeniorCenter

Thank you for your continued support


Membership is $20 per year or $30 for a couple. Each membership is valid from January 1 to December 31 and must be renewed each calendar year.

For more information, call us at 360*636*0210

Questions? 360*636*0210

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Our team


Longview Senior Center is a great group of people who are family oriented, the dances are so much, and you never know who you are going to meet! This place is a lot of laughs and fun!


Lots of comradery, and Lois is an excellent cook!


Friendly, I like the Couples Dance Lessons and the Dances.


I love my family at Longview Senior Center. You never meet a stranger! Whether you want to just talk or partake of the many activities, from field trips to food to die for! We are one big loving, helpful, welcoming family.


There is a variety of activities, great food, friendly people and it is a great way to keep Grandma and Grandpa off the streets!

Sharon & Cora

Friendly, a lot of activity around here. I enjoy the dancing and the lessons in couples dancing and pinochle.


I like the fellowship of getting together with everybody. People are really friendly around here.


I enjoy “hanging out” at the Center. I love the people I meet here. The Longview Senior Center is
all about good FOOD, loving and caring FAMILY and lots of FUN!


I started coming to the Senior Center almost 2 years ago to help out with Wednesday afternoon Bingo. I love it here, it has such a fun family atmosphere and just a great place to come and have fun.

Kandi Waldroupe Longview Senior Center Treasurer


We are here to be an asset to the community and to enhance the lives of Seniors through providing a full range of programs, activities and services. To manage funds to support programs that benefit Seniors.

  • To partner with other agencies that serve the Senior population
  • To adhere to the federal Non-Profit guidelines for a 501 (c) 3 Corporation
  • To review and evaluate existing programs annually
  • To advocate for legislative issues on local, state, & federal levels that affect the lives of older adults
  • To encourage all to experience rewards and satisfaction by volunteering their time and talents to help at the Senior Center and in the community

About us

Come on down and see what we are all about! There is always something going on. Bingo and Bunco, Pool and Pinochle, Cribbage, Line Dancing, Couples Dance Lessons, Meals on Tuesday Wednesday, and Thursday at 12 noon, Woodcarvers Club, Karaoke, and Dances! Plus much more. Get a newsletter and follow along. Find us on Facebook.

Words from the President

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